February, 2018

Elysian Fields tower is one of the few, if not the only, privately owned replica railroad interlocking towers in the USA.  There were once thousands of similar looking tower buildings dotting the railroad landscape, controlling train movements and crossings throughout country.  Today, only a limited number of  towers are still standing and even fewer are serving their original function.  This site pays homage to this bygone part of Americana and the people that worked in these buildings.  If you like trains, are a history buff, or are just a curious passer by, hopefully you will enjoy this site.


This immaculate looking Pennsylvania Railroad K-4 Pacific was photographed in St. Louis about 1940.  With a full load of coal, it appears that it will soon be backing onto it's train at Union Station for a run out East.  Photo was scanned from an original 616 negative.  (Elysian Fields Tower / John Morris Collection)